Embedded Systems Design Course Structure

Embedded Systems Design Course encompasses the learner to understand about the Microcontroller / DSP based communication interfaces. Microcontrollers are small and have multiple uses in the Industry. The PIC microcontrollers (Programmable Interface Controllers), are electronic circuits that can be programmed to carry out a vast range of tasks. The learner gets to understand the intricacies and the usage of the Microcontrollers in relation to the Industry practically. Firmware Driver & Software development helps the learner to understand more about C programming, ARM CORTEX, Linux device drivers and network device drivers along with a host of other embedded components. Firmware programming is a software that is permanently etched into the hardware devices such as BIOS, Keyboard, Video cards & many others. A learner will get a comprehensive understanding of all these aspects.

Embedded Systems Design Course-RTOS:
RTOS (Real Time Operating System) is the lifeline of all the operations of the operating system. It differs from general operating system for its ability to multitask applications. The learner gets to understand its operations, usage, architecture, portability and many other concepts for Industrial applications and usage. Wireless protocol understanding includes in depth study of Bluetooth, Zigbee, RFID, LAN and other components.

Communication Interfaces along with Linux programming give a deep insight of the communication that happens in Embedded Systems. The learner gets to understand in detail about the serial & parallel networks along with GSM, GPIO, timers, LCD’s, USB’s and a host of other interfaces. QT framework with an in depth understanding of Arm9, Arm11 enables the learner to gain an in depth knowledge of the Industry applications.

A learner gets to choose one of the electives along with a real time Project of his / her choice which enables them to boldly face the job interviews & quickly start working on real time Industrial projects through embedded systems design course. In a nutshell, the course is for individuals who want to quickly learn and get placed as an Embedded Engineer in the Industry.

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